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Sticky or noisy pads?
Time to replace and install new pads. I use only high quality kangaroo leather pads and cork pads (from $15).

Noisy keys?
A simple key adjustment and replacing key corks will do the trick (from $15).

Wobbly bells? Barrel not fitting well? Corks have come off?
Let’s replace the tenon joint corks (from $30).

Just looking for a simple service and overall health check?
I’ll do a test play and offer you my best recommendations before commencing any work (from $90).

You just want a peace of mind?
Allow me to do a complete overhaul. All pads replaced. Instrument thoroughly oiled and cleaned and polished. Balancing of tone holes and key adjustment to allow your instrument to speak and project your sound (from $350).

Cockburn, WA
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Details last updated on January 29, 2019