Sound Weaving

Styles All Styles - Uncovering the natural voice
Skill Level Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Suitability Ages 18 to 80 years

Sound Weaving

This practice explores the raw wilderness and harmonious nature that lives deep within us all.

Sound Weaving is no ordinary singing workshop.

It is a practice that grounds us in our bodies and connects us to our resonant selves and each other.

Allowing us to be truly present. Hearing, softening and surrendering to the magic of music that pulses within and through us.

This workshop is designed to liberate your natural voice and gift you tools that will serve to support your honest human expression, in an environment where you can safely surrender your beliefs, thoughts and ideas about your singing voice and sound.

An invitation to experience life through sound.

If you -

yearn to express yourself in an honest way

want to reawaken your loving, creative voice

have never sung

have been silenced

are fearful of your voice

are a singer, performer, actor, poet, facilitator or teacher

This workshop is for you!

The foundations of the Sound Weaving practice will be shared so that you can incorporate the fruits into your daily life:

•    Presence - opening hearing
•    Intention - the target and the arrow
•    The Instrument - how do I create sound? where does it come from?
•    Breath - who/what is breathing you?
•    The Breather - surrendering, going beyond identity
•    Toning - awakening your instrument and your primal voice
•    Songs - offering your voice
•    Vocal Sound Journeys - the ocean of life
•    Improvisation - playing, the dream state
•    Harmonies - the meeting of voices
•    Singing Circles - the gathering

This workshop allows you to remember that it is okay to make sounds, it is okay to yawn, sigh, hmmm, babble, groan, cry, laugh, wail and surrender to the nature that moves us.

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