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Principal teacher: Bertille Jacobs, Piano
The Jacobs Music Studio offers piano lessons, an early childhood musicianship programme, violin, cello, guitar and theory lessons.

The studio also provides Music for Special occasions.
Bertille has taught piano and music theory since 1979. She is a qualified school teacher having taught in primary, secondary and adult education schools. She has also worked as a music specialist teacher and prepared various choirs and ensembles. She coordinates Ensembles for special events and her Music Studio.
Her Studio Moto: “To Receive a Student with Reverence, to Teach with love and to Release with Freedom”-Steiner, R.

Bertille has a keen interest in education. She has a B.Sc., a Grad. Dip. ED., a Grad. Dip in Learning and Behavioural Difficulties, Diploma in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (Osteopathy) and studied Royal Schools of Music to diploma skill level.

Some of her students who have sat the AMEB exams (both lower and higher grades) have received High Distinctions and Honours gradings for their AMEB exams. She also coaches other instruments for students preparing for auditions and exams.
She teaches piano both for leisure and for exams.
Bertille is married, with 3 lovely adult children. Alongside their full time professional jobs, they are musicians on keyboard and string instruments and teach the violin, cello, piano, guitar and Early Childhood Musicianship Classes here at the Jacobs' Music Studio in Floreat. Her family members also play in bands and ensembles and sing for special events, as well as for their church.

All of her children when they were younger received music scholarships, from private or music specialist schools. Alongside high achievement in her students AMEB exams, many of her music students have also received music scholarships from both private schools and public music specialist schools, reflecting her interest in educational excellence.
She is a member of Teacher registration Board of WA and a teacher of the Australian Music Examinations Board. She has a Working With Children Check.

Bertille also works with children and adults with special needs. Within this program, she uses movement therapy (correcting retained primary reflexes) often involving gross and fine motor skills exercises, sound therapy and painting therapy. Alongside these she also uses Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy (BCST) which helps release held stressors in the body. The holistic approach that she uses has been very beneficial for children and adults whose bodies are dealing with anxiety and stress, ADHD, autism etc. The modalities used has helped alleviate Learning and Behavioral Difficulties seen in some of her talented and special needs music students. The work she does helps progress those students faster than they would normally, and it spills over to all areas of their learning.

Violin, guitar, cello, ukelele teacher: Jesse-Arjuna Jacobs, BSc., M.Engineering, AMusA.
Jesse works as an engineer as well as a freelance musician and music teacher. He plays violin, guitar, ukele, cello, piano. Jesse received music scholarships both in his primary and secondary schooling through the Education Department, School of Instrumental Music.
Primary School graduation: ‘Young School Citizen Award in recognition of dedicated commitment and service to the community and for the Most Outstanding Music Student’.
High School: Gifted and Talented secondary schools academic scholarship and a Music scholarship through the West Australian Education Department, for Perth Modern School. He attained Music TEE Honours at Diploma skill level. He also has an AMusA music diploma award. Jesse was a member of several junior and senior school choirs and orchestras. He was also a member of West Australian Children’s Choir, a member of the West Australian Youth Orchestra and was co-leader of the Perth Modern Music Specialist School Senior Orchestra.
Jesse has won awards at eisteddfods and received a UWA exhibition program scholarship on violin.
In 2014, Jesse took a year off university studies to join ‘Youth Mission Team Australia’. Here, he used his skills in music and drama working with high school students in W.A.
Today he continues to perform for various special events at church, weddings, funerals, balls, special events and festivities. He is also a member in two bands around Perth.
Jesse loves working as a teacher. He teaches all ages from the Jacobs Music Studio in Floreat, He holds a WWCC for working with children. He is a member of the Australian Strings Teachers Association and the Australian Society for Music Education (Inc).
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Cello, Piano and Early Childhood Musicianship teacher: Arianne Jacobs B.Arts, Hons (Music Performance); Masters in Occupational Therapy.
Arianne completed her music studies at UWA. She graduated with 1st class Honours in music performance. She plays cello and piano. Arianne has won many awards and prizes at eisteddfods and competitions in the last many years. These include the AMEB Trophy for the Most Outstanding Instrumentalists in the 2007 Fremantle eisteddfod (for piano trio). Arianne received a UWA exhibition program scholarship for cello in 2008 & 2009. She also received several music scholarship offers for high school studies. In 2011, Arianne was the winner of the Fremantle Eisteddfod AMEB Trophy ‘For the Most Outstanding Instrumentalist ‘(for solo instrument). Arianne was Australian Strings Association’s nominee for the 2011 WA Symphony Orchestra masterclass with international cello soloist Alban Gerhardt. Arianne was a member of two school choirs and two senior school orchestras in which she had been leading the cello sections for several years. She was music captain in Yr 12 at St. Mary’s Anglican Girls School. She was awarded Honours in her TEE Music performing at Diploma skill level. She was selected to perform in the prestigious Performing Arts Perspectives 2013, as one of the highest standard performance students for the WACE 2012 exams. Arianne plays in a string trio that has performed for special occasions, weddings, parties, anniversaries, funerals, Christmas parties, bush dance parties and balls.
In 2014, Arianne was part of a Youth Mission Team, using her artistic skills working with high school students within schools in NSW, SA and the ACT. In 2015, Arianne continued her uni music studies in performance, taught cello, piano and an early childhood musicianship program. Her interests are, connecting with youth and children, playing the cello, swimming and reading. She has been lead cellist for both the UWA Chamber Orchestra and the UWA Symphony Orchestra. In 2016, Arianne was nominated for the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra masterclass with Alban Gerhardt. Erh most outstanding achievement was winning the finals of the most prestigious UWA VOSE memorial concerto competitions 2016. In 2017, Arianne received 4 UWA awards, this included the Edith Cowan Prize in Music for achieving the highest weighted average mark for her final year in undergraduate studies, the Royal Over-Seas League Prize for Music Performance, the most prestigious VOSE memorial prize and the Wesley Uniting Church Scholarship.

In 2018 Arianne received the UWA Medal for the Most Outstanding Undergraduate Student 2017; for her honours year.
She is a member of the Australian Society for Music Education (Inc). 2020-2021. Arianne has taught at, Swan Valley Christian College, Kingsway Christian College, the Quintillian School , MLC and at the Jacobs Music Studio in Floreat. She holds a WWCC for working with children.
More recently in 2021, Arianne completed her Masters in Occupational Therapy.
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Student Testimonials:
My children, both string players, have been working with Bertille Jacobs in the lead up to exams and auditions for several years now. Her patient coaching in musicianship has been invaluable. If you are looking for someone who can bring out the best in your musical child look no further. Five stars! Carol M., Yokine.

My 5-year-old daughter and I are both taught piano by Bertille Jacobs. We have so much fun with our lessons! Bertille is patient, gentle, engaging and encouraging. She has a delightful singing voice, is a talented musician and her love of music is infectious. My daughter and I are both progressing extremely well with our piano playing thanks to Bertille’s tutelage. She easily keeps my daughter engaged during her lesson and we always leave feeling proud, excited and keen to practise. I thoroughly recommend Bertille Jacobs to any child or adult who wants to discover the joy of music. Karen A., Scarborough W.A.

Bertille Jacobs had a unique relationship with my son as a piano teacher over many years. She has patience and an instinct for teaching music in an intelligent and passionate manner. There are few people who get to know our children at the level this teacher does. I have appreciated that she kept music interesting for a little boy, and that has been a gift in all our lives. I would recommend that gift to anyone looking for a special teacher in their lives. Everyone deserves that level of individual attention. Jennifer B., Scarborough

My children commenced Simply Music with Bertille during the Christmas Holidays. They were playing interesting pieces of music – using both hands – from the first lesson that sounded great! Bertille also encourages the students to find their voices and students sing to accompany the music, which I think is a really good skill to have. My kids enjoy their lessons and are given much positive reinforcement. They are also encouraged to evaluate their own performances and to work out how to improve. Bertille also encourages students to explore variations to songs and create their own. I wish my piano lessons were like this when I learned 20 years ago, perhaps I would still be playing now! Michelle H., City Beach W.A.

References: Jesse-Arjuna Jacobs-Violin, Guitar
I write to enthusiastically recommend the wonderful music instruction provided by Jesse Jacobs, of Jacobs Music Studio. Jesse has been tutoring our son Zac for four years on the violin. He began initial instruction the first time Zac picked up a violin at age 6. In early those days, Jesse showed the utmost patience and care with Zac, helping him to stay focused during the lesson, and to give learning a new instrument his best effort. Most importantly, Jesse made lessons fun with his keen sense of humor and empathy.
We moved away from Perth for two years and during that time, Zac received instruction elsewhere. Upon returning to Perth when Zac was age 8, we were eager to resume instruction with Jesse. Zac still loved the violin, but he was struggling from time to time with his commitment to practicing.
Jesse re-invigorated Zac’s enthusiasm, by challenging him with new pieces, playing along with him, and introducing him to recitals and competitions, which he now very much enjoys. Jesse’s instructional style is firm, but warm. He corrects Zac and encourages excellence, but with a soft touch. As a result, we have seen Zac’s proficiency and musicianship sky rocket. He is first violin section leader in the orchestra at his school. His Music Director comments that Zac is able to produce a truly beautiful sound on his violin, and that his performances continue to shine.
We could not be happier with Jesse’s instruction, and with Jacob’s Music Studio more generally. The relationship between tutor and student is very important and should be special, and in this instance it has made all the difference to Zac’s continued interest and development.
If you hope to encourage your child to love music and to show commitment to growth and improvement, we strongly encourage you to give Jesse at Jacob’s Music Studio at try!
Cristina G.
Woodside Chair in Leadership and Professor of Management, University of Western Australia

My eight-year-old daughter is fortunate enough to be taught violin by Jesse Jacobs. I have found Jesse to be a consistently patient teacher who has a natural rapport with children and adults alike.
Under his guidance, my daughter has progressed more quickly than I had anticipated on what is a technically challenging instrument for a young student.
Jesse is that rare breed of teacher who is highly accomplished in both his teaching and his musicianship.
I have no hesitation in recommending Jesse for his music tuition services. Kristenn W.

Jesse has been teaching my daughter 7, the violin, he shows a wonderful display of enthusiasm towards her playing, which she responds very well too. I have to admire his patience and teaching methods, my daughter feels at ease and very comfortable with him. I must also compliment Jesse on his violin playing, it sounds very accomplished. I would highly recommend Jesse for any student of any age. Michelle L., Interior Designer; Wembley Downs

I have been learning violin with Jesse since February 2011. It is obvious that Jesse is an accomplished violin player and as a violin teacher, he is patient, enthusiastic and always very encouraging. Jesse makes violin lessons interesting and plans the lessons so that I learn something new in every lesson I highly recommend Jesse as a violin teacher.
Shirley G, Manager – Tax Consulting, Wembley Downs, WA

Arianne Jacobs-Cello, Piano, Early Childhood Musicianship Class
I have been learning the cello with Arianne, and am very pleased with my lessons and with the progress I have made. Arianne is a delightful young lady, mature beyond her years and an excellent teacher. Lessons are never boring, and under her watchful eye, she makes sure the correct techniques are practiced and delivered. I look forward to each week’s lesson and even homework is kept interesting and challenging. I can thoroughly recommend Arianne as a great teacher who keeps things fun but who also gives her pupil a sense of achievement.
Jacquie H., Physiotherapist; Claremont, W.A.

Arianne has been teaching my 11 year old daughter for a year now, starting at beginner level. Under Arianne’s guidance, she has come such a long way in learning all aspects of playing the cello including music theory, maintaining the right techniques, and mastering some lovely pieces. Arianne’s bubbly personality combined with her own exceptional musical talent makes every lesson an enriching, relaxed and fun experience. Arianne is a wonderful role model for inspiring any young student to take up or continue playing the cello. I can thoroughly recommend her.
Angela D., Mosman Park, WA

Our five year old daughter has really enjoyed Arianne’s early childhood musicianship classes. It has been such a fun and positive beginning to music. She has loved the variety of games, singing, and introduction to instruments and has quickly learned to play some basic tunes on the piano.

-Alana and Gordon (City Beach)

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