Music and Movement Therapy for Learning and Behavioural Difficulties

Styles Classical Music
Suitability Ages 6 to 18 years
Pricing $100/hr

A wholistic approach to learning and behavioral difficulties. Along with the learning of instrumental music Bertille includes movement therapy, music therapy and painting therapies.

My daughter was diagnosed ADHD (and on the ASD spectrum) at the age of 8.5 years (Yr 3), in particular she was identified as being academically ‘at risk’, was branded ‘the naughty one in the class’ who needed to be constantly disciplined, and at home we struggled with her impulsive and inattentive behaviour. At the time my daughter was taking piano lessons with Bertille Jacobs, who introduced a holistic therapy that could help her. Bertille’s observations, testing and our anecdotal observations identified the areas where the therapy could assist. Bertille designed a programe that involved various movements, patterning, exercises, painting and drawing, reciting rhymes and music therapy. My daughter attended these sessions with Bertille over a few years and at home we worked through the exercises and movements that Bertille set for her. In addition, it was recommended that my daughter followed a low dairy and low gluten diet, attended a literacy tutor until the end of Year 6, and more recently, she has taken up competitive swimming, training up to 6 mornings a week.

My daughter is now 14 years old (Yr 9) and over this time we have noticed a number of changes which include increased capacity to focus and concentrate, she has caught up academically – having demonstrated in significant improvement in her NAPLAN results from Yr 3 to Yr 5, which improved even more in Yr 7, and her primary school teachers also commented on how she had progressed and improved, to the extent that her Year 6 teacher was confident she could follow a full academic program in high school. She is much more disciplined with both her school work and swimming training, and is also more calm and relaxed.

I definitely recommend this therapy as a wholistic approach to managing and helping those like my daughter who struggle with focus, concentration, behaviour and associated social difficulties. Today, my daughter is the social butterfly both at school and swimming, she is well liked, much more focused, applies herself well to her school work and trains very hard both in the pool and in the gym, to achieve her best. To top it all this term, she received her best term 1 report ever. Shirley 2017

Kirkdale Ave
Floreat / City Beach, WA
0422 347 437 or (08) 9284 1198

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