Jade Robinson - Singing and Confidence Building

I will come to you, so the lessons are held in the comfort of your home.
After our breathing and scale session, together we will work on a song of your choice. Your song could be something you are going to perform for school assessment, talent quest, party, karaoke night, professional gig or maybe it's a song you have always wanted to be able to sing. We will perfect your song line by line correcting any pitch issues and work towards making the song your own.

I have an extensive performance and recording history/career starting at the age of 11 in Perth.
I have been teaching and working with people who love to sing since 2008.

In Cairns, I am currently the "modern" singing tutor at a school, tutoring the singers through performance and composition assessments. All of my singers are well on their way to becoming mature performers.
After school hours, I work with younger children and adults who love to sing and need some guidance.

Through my experience of making a living with my voice, I have created a great business where I share my knowlege in a fun, pressure-free environment. I continue my research since you can never know enough.
My goal is for my students to love and respect their voice, and I believe its essential for them to know basic anatomy so they can genuinely understand their instrument (at an appropriate age of course). Every person's voice is different each having their challenges, ambitions and existing talent.

I currently teach from Babinda to Palm Cove.

Lesson frequency


Ages 4+
My youngest student is 4, and my oldest has been 74. It's never too early or too late to start singing lessons.

Holloways Beach, QLD
Travelling in the local area
Contact Jade
0421 889 170
Cairns, QLD
Travelling in the local area
Contact Jade
0421 889 170


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