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  • 20+ years of live rock experience!
  • Ernie Ball Endorsed Artist

Welcome to Bass Drums Connect! Created by Jake Fehres

Bass Drums Connect is an online teaching hub, showing bass students how to connect their bass playing to the drum kit. Learn how to lock in with the drums, improve your rhythm and timing and enhance your confidence for that next time you're performing with a live drummer. As a bass player, gain the knowledge to achieve desired results with your rhythm section.

How It Works
Once you choose a video from the selection of bass rock riffs and grooves available, you'll see & hear Jake perform the riff with a drum-track. This demonstrates the final product of what you're aiming to achieve from the video. After the demo, Jake will break down the riff or groove to slowly teach you how to perform it. Take as long as you need to learn, some of them will take a long time, some you may pick up straight away. After the breakdown, the riff is then performed once again with the drums.

Now it's your turn! Once you've learnt the riff or groove in your own time, you will find the drum-track below each video for you to practice with. These are 'drums only' tracks. Remember slow and steady wins the race. If you're not up to the tempo of the drum-track at that point in time, that's absolutely fine, just keep practicing at a slower bpm.

The ultimate end goal is for you to learn some cool new bass grooves and connect them to the supplied drum tracks. Really connecting them - listening to the kick drum, keeping in time, holding the groove and locking in with the drummer. Practice this over and over and before you know it you'll not only be able to perform these grooves live with your drummer, but have the chops and confidence to come up with your own stuff from there.

Good luck!!

I'll Sign Up...What Do I Get?

  • A free 3 day trial (cancel anytime)
  • 1 new video uploaded every week
  • Loads of rock style bass riffs and grooves to choose from
  • Drum-tracks supplied to practice to and rock along with
  • An Ernie Ball endorsed teacher with 20+ years of live rock experience
  • Video exercises to help improve rhythm, timing & confidence and to introduce new ideas and techniques, such as - locking in with a drummer & holding a groove * No theory, just practical stuff
  • All ages and all levels welcome

What Will It Cost Me?
After the free 3 day trial ends, $12.99 USD per month (cancel anytime)
Rock bass & drum massiveness for the price of a cup of coffee a week!

Prior Experience
We don't teach any theory, nor any first-time bass introductory exercises at Bass Drums Connect. Some prior knowledge of the bass and practical experience is recommended before signing up. If you have a basic understanding of the following, then you're good to go :) Give us a try!

  • The different string names (E, A, D, G)
  • Basic knowledge of notes on the lower fretboard
  • Basic knowledge of 'hammer on' & 'pull-offs'
  • Basic knowledge of 'ghost notes'
  • Basic understanding of major and minor

Last But Not Least!
The music style / genre of the bass riffs and grooves provided is predominantly 'rock' influenced. The music will cover and blend a number of rock styles, including commercial, pop, heavy, progressive, alternative, indie, blues and rock 'n' roll.

Currently, the videos feature a 4 string electric bass (in standard tuning), and are created for right-handed players, wanting to play with their fingers (no picks). If you play a 5 or 6 string bass or perform with a left-handed bass, you will still get a lot out of Bass Drums Connect - we're just giving you a heads up that you will have to implement position changes with your hands and string choices to apply the techniques and music.

We highly recommend using headphones or an external stereo audio source with speakers, for the sound. Built-in speakers in computers and your mobile/cell phone speaker will work, but they won't give you the low bass frequencies and low end of the drums, etc. You want the full experience! Go loud or go home!

The bass music provided is original intellectual property and copyrighted to Jake Fehres. Please feel free to perform and use these bass riffs and grooves as much as you like for educational purposes, for example - when practicing at home, when using this platform online, when rehearsing with your band at a rehearsal room, when jamming live with other musicians at a party, or when playing live gigs at venues, etc. Have fun with it! **If you would like to include one of these riffs or grooves in an official song recording to be released, please contact bassdrumsconnect@gmail.com for usage rights and clearance.

Have fun, rock on and welcome to Bass Drums Connect!

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