Rick Grimm

  • Bachelor of Contemporary Music

Hailing from a long line of singer songwriters, Rick Grimm decided to break the family mould by not being able to sing. Instead he embraced the guitar and musical studies like a father returning from the war. His journey with music began in early high school when he was encouraged by his friends to learn guitar and start a band so people would think he was cool. Little did he know that this would spark a passion that would eventually become his life’s work.

Rick has studied a Bachelor of Contemporary Music at JMC Melbourne and currently gigs around Australia with his two bands Witchgrinder and Rick Grimm’s Illa Turba. With some career highlights including playing a guitar duet on stage with Ministry’‘s Sin Quirin. Outside of his own bands, he also does fill in sessions for bands such as Aria Award winning indigenous band Coloured Stone. Not to be one to stray too far from his origins though, he spends his free time busking around the CBD to help promote friends gigs and crowd test new material for forth coming albums.

Rick believes that a passionate musician will always become a good musician and is dedicated to making sure that his students become the best they can be.

Details last updated on December 5, 2017