James Renwick

  • A.Mus.A
  • B.Mus
  • Grad.Dip.Arts
  • PhD
  • MTeach (Primary)

My teaching focuses on balancing equally important skills in music learning: first, playing by ear, which leads naturally to playful improvisation, and, second, learning to read music, which builds skills in independent learning and ensemble playing. Balancing reading and inner hearing means that students are truly thinking in sound, rather than mechanically “pushing buttons”. Students learn to take charge of their own learning through their work on pieces at home.

I value the collaboration with the parents of my child students and invite them to sit in on the lesson and ask questions, and, of course, enjoy our regular studio concerts. Learning is supported by a large collection of CD recordings, computer applications, and by an emphasis on the student performing in small ensembles and with the teacher at the studio piano.

My teaching has evolved considerably since my days teaching at Barker College in the 1990s and is deeply informed by my PhD research, entitled “Because I love playing my instrument: Young musicians’ internalised motivation and self-regulated practising behaviour”.

Details last updated: February 3, 2023