Jared Plane

  • Bachelor of Music with Honours (Jazz) from the ANU School of Music

About Me

I am an electric bass guitarist, and upright bass player. I have been playing the electric bass for 20 years, and the double bass for over 10 years. I graduated from the ANU School of Music in 2011 with an Honours Degree in Jazz Performance. I enjoy listening to and playing jazz, rock, blues, funk and some styles of metal. I enjoy playing and teaching a variety of music genres from jazz to funk; and blues to metal.

Lesson Topics

In my lessons, students learn the fundamentals of bass playing such as tone, sound production, technique, economy of movement and endurance. I also stress the importance of ear training, sight-reading, scales, reading and recognising chord symbols, fretboard memorization and the basics of music theory. These skills are necessary to prepare the student to tackle their favourite bass lines, play along with recordings and prepare them for live performance situations.

Book a Lesson

Lessons are conducted from my place in Monash. The student only needs to bring their instrument and any lesson books they may be working through. An amp, lead and tuner are provided.
Upon completing their first bass lesson, the student will receive access to a Google Sheets list of over 250 bass transcriptions to choose from, spanning all difficulty levels from beginner to advanced. These transcriptions are notated in both standard music notation with additional TAB notation.

Lesson Price: $50/hour or $30/half hour

If you're interested in learning more about me and my music, check out my YouTube channel under "More Information". There are currently over 200 bass lesson videos, bass covers and Jazz improvisations.

Details last updated: February 6, 2024