Jazz Guitar Tuition ~ David Golin

  • Bachelor of Music / Jazz performance
  • Composition Major at Berklee Boston

My goal as a guitar teacher is to provide students with clear guidance and constructive, real-time feedback to point them towards the right direction. My approach is dynamic, flexible, and communicative. I encourage students to ask questions and describe the challenges they are experiencing in order to offer them effective strategies that are easy to understand and implement during practice sessions. The reason why many of us struggle with learning the motor skills and mental processes associated with playing the guitar is the lack of clear instruction on how to tackle new tasks and practise them effectively. My role is to break down the object of study, for instance a specific guitar technique, riff, song, or rhythm into its most fundamental constituents in order to show students that even something complicated is just the sum of very simple components. Understanding this crucial aspect of learning the guitar allows to work on any musical endeavour with clear intention, effectiveness, and positive attitude. Thanks to this approach, students can overcome the overwhelming feeling associated with seemingly impossible abilities and feel motivated to work on much more manageable tasks.

I believe that the best outcomes blossom from our aspiration to learn music that has a special meaning for us. This is the reason why I encourage students to focus on the musical styles and artists that have inspired them to pick up the guitar in the first place. Learning your favourite songs and assimilating the techniques of the guitarists you admire are powerful incentives that motivate you during your journey and are extremely rewarding when accomplished.

I wouldn't have become the musician I am today without the guidance, wisdom, and inspiration that the many wonderful teachers I have studied with have passed on to me over the last twenty years. To honour the long-lasting oral tradition of music education, I am willing to share my passion for the guitar and knowledge to anyone I encounter during lessons. I aspire for all students I work with to exceed their expectations, cultivate their enthusiasm for the guitar, and develop their overall musicianship beyond their initial vision.
'I encourage everyone to become a 'thinking guitarist' - one that has a solid grasp on the geometry of the guitar, theory, and harmony - and simultaneously an 'expressive musician' - one that possesses feel, groove, musicality, and improvisational skills'.

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