Jazz Guitar Tuition ~ David Golin

Styles Jazz, Blues, Song Writing and Composition, Pop, Rock, Theory
Skill Level Beginner to Advanced
Suitability Ages 12 to 90 years
Pricing 1hr@$60 or 45mins@$45

If you are interested in developing your abilities as a guitarist and musician, it is very important to commit to weekly guitar lessons. During my extensive teaching experience, I have noticed that students who are interested in getting fortnightly or monthly sessions end up quitting after a few lessons. Are 12 guitar lessons a year going to make you the player you aspire to be? I see it as joining a sport team without committing to weekly training but expecting to be in the starting squad. Your weekly appointment with your teacher guarantees that you stay motivated to practice and provides you with the consistent feedback and guidance that will allow you to progress at your highest possible rate and achieve your goals.

Weekly Private lessons

  • 45mins $45
  • 60mins $60

I do offer Skype lessons for students who live outside of Brisbane, interstate, or overseas. I also recommend Skype tuition for students that prefer casual sessions at lower rates rather than committing to weekly lessons. Skype offers a great alternative to traditional in-person coaching. A simple adjustment to the camera provides close-ups and different viewpoints for both the student and the teacher. This feature enhances the visual component of the student's learning process and allows the teacher a more thorough observation of how the student performs the assigned tasks. With the aid of free software, It is also possible to record all your sessions and review the lessons as many times as needed.

Please contact me at davidgolin7@gmail.com for my Skype contact info.

Skype Lessons

  • 45mins $40
  • 60mins $55
Goldcoast, QLD
Travelling in the local area

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Details last updated on September 13, 2018