Jennie Anastass

  • 30 years of teaching and performing

Singing Lessons with Teacher Jennie Anastass.
Ferntree Gully Area for ages 5 upwards
I’d l Iike to write about what my students over the years, have appreciated Most, about what I have taught them.. What they found to be most beneficial to learn, in their singing journey!

• How to sing High Powerful notes and hold on to long notes
• How to breath correctly
• How to create beautiful tones in their voice
• How to sing with better diction
• How to get the confidence you need behind the voice

I make my lessons interesting and relevant to each individual person. Each Student interprets and understands differently.. I am very mindful of this, so I use my creativity that will capture the attention and mind span of the needs of each and every student.. Where they will benefit the most, so they can discover their voices the best way possible where they find it most enjoyable and exciting

Im a Professional Singing Teacher for the last 30 years. Taught private lessons at Primary schools and high schools..
Co ordinated and held 3 singing concerts per year.

Learn all styles of genres so you can sing anything

You will learn:

-Correct Placement of your voice
-Correct breathing
-Singing with your mixed voice
-Learning to move from your chest voice to your higher
Range without breaking or squeaking
-Strengthening your high range
-Finding your best tones
-Learn to use vibrato
-Learn to sing different styles of music/genres
-Learn confidence and stage composure
-Learn correct diction, vowel shapes

Passion, excitement, exhilaration whilst learning all the correct vocal techniques and bringing out a talent you've always dreamed about.

Half hour lesson $35 or one hour $60

Ferntree Gully, VIC
Also travelling in the local area


Details last updated: February 3, 2023