Jeremy Minett

  • Bachelor of Music w/distinction - Contemporary Guitar

Hi there! I'm Jeremy, a Newcastle based guitarist and teacher who's looking to take on a few new students! Having quite a busy touring/gigging schedule with various acts including Newcastle's favourite country band 'The Viper Creek Band' I am currently taking enquiries for all levels and styles of guitar lessons and can't wait to share my knowledge with you. I have been a full time guitar teacher for the past 5 years having completed my Bachelor of Music w/distinction in Contemporary Guitar and am currently teaching at a number of music tuition schools as well as public schools with in excess of 60 students weekly.

The guitar is the worlds most popular instrument to learn and rightfully so, there’s nothing cooler than being able to throw down a few chords at a party when there is a guitar sitting around. Learning a musical instrument is a never-ending journey - there is always more to learn - and it is one of my great passions in life to help people move along this journey no matter what stage they are at. Having taught an average of 60 students a week over the past few years I have encountered every type of student there is and through this experience have developed a teaching philosophy that allows me to accommodate any student or any playing or experience level. It is my belief that is isn’t enough to be able to play the guitar, we all need to have a solid understanding of how the things we play fit in to the wider musical picture. This includes having an understanding of harmony and basic music theory concepts that will allow the student to take the chords, scales, licks or rhythmic phrases they may learn in a song and be able to apply them in different contexts. Basically - If you understand how primary colours mix together, you can paint anything you want! My lessons are focused around each individual students goals and musical aspirations with the aim of getting them where they want to be and have fun in getting there! For more lesson details including availability and pricing please feel free to shoot me an email.

Student Testimonials:

"I know its what you do but you have made learning so approachable for me. I've always been scared of learning but now I'm super into it. Legend mate, thank you" - Aharon Staff

“Jeremy has been my guitar teacher for a number of years now, with his wide range of experience and knowledge I have gained useful skills and ntechniques in the art of guitar, I have been privileged enough for him to play on my first single which was an outstanding addition to my track!” - Jesse Ravlen

“Jeremy has been teaching my son (Jack 8yr old) guitar for over 2 years with very successful results. Jeremy encourages students to appreciate the technical importance of music through careful training, balanced with a great enthusiasm toward enjoyment and creative expression. Jack looks forward to his lessons every week, and thinks Jeremy is Awesome!” - Heidi Mckenzie

Maitland, NSW
0435 684 299


Details last updated on April 16, 2019