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Learn to play jazz, just for the fun of it.

Blues, swing, Bossa-nova and Latin jazz, ballads, contemporary - all styles of jazz can be taught in a way that makes the coolness of jazz accessible to anyone.

Jazz is an inherently playful art form which champions self-expression and imagination.
You don’t need any particular background to start exploring and having fun.

Jazz chords and improvisation can be learned mostly through the medium of the ‘jazz standard’. Students develop all the stylistic skills of jazz in the context of playing iconic tunes. Right from the start, you can learn and enjoy playing great music.

Not only do Jeremy’s students practice reading fully notated music, they learn to play from chord charts and create music with no written score.

Kids and teenagers especially like the freedom in jazz and the learning style is an attractive alternative to the conventional classical approach. It is a genre that allows for individuals to freely express themselves.

The creative nature of jazz can be harnessed as a tool to build self-confidence. The capacity to enjoy exploration and practice is fundamental both to healthy recreation and to development of skill.

For those who do have experience in classical piano, jazz can seem unapproachable. Jeremy has refined teaching techniques that make the crossover an empowering expansion of your pianistic ability.

Jeremy has coached students through VCE and helped some succeed in university jazz course auditions.

Lessons for music students and aspiring professionals go deeper into the functions of chords, extensions and progressions and can include ‘comping, ensemble skills and advanced piano arranging.

Piano teachers come to Jeremy to develop jazz expertise and study new perspectives and paradigms of learning.

In working with piano students, Jeremy is very aware of the necessity of a positive poise and whole body engagement in playing. He refers to piano specific principles of Taubman Technique as a basis for piano technique. He upholds technical fluency as a priority for pianists of any genre.

Jeremy is also a teacher of Alexander Technique. It’s a health and movement education modality which is not only practised by musicians, but people of all walks of life wanting to improve comfort and ability.

As a professional performer, Jeremy has worked with small groups, often presenting his own contemporary jazz and tango compositions. He has published four albums and his music has been used in TV and radio.

Jeremy studied music TAFE before specialising in jazz at VCA, then going on to train as an Alexander Technique teacher. Teaching music for over 20 years, Jeremy has found creative ways to engage children, teenagers and adults in the joy of music making. A passion for music and empowering people is what drives his teaching practice.

Private lesson from $42. All lessons in teacher’s studio in Glen Iris, Melbourne. Evening times available.

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