• Principal harpist Suzhou Symphony Orchestra
  • engagements with Orchetsra Victoria
  • Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra
  • Western Australian Symphony Orchestra
  • Bachelor of music Performance with Honours
  • Performance program at the Australian National Academy of Music

With an extensive teaching tenure spanning more than 18 years, and a performing career encompassing not only nationwide engagements in Australia but also across international horizons in Europe and Asia, Jessica could be the teacher for you!

A seasoned and accomplished harpist, she has imparted her expertise to a diverse range of students, spanning various age groups and skill levels. Her tutelage has extended from young prodigies as tender as 6 years old to seasoned retirees, ranging from novice enthusiasts to advanced musical virtuosos.

Her instructional repertoire encompasses a comprehensive curriculum, addressing harp technique refinement, music notation comprehension, aural acuity cultivation, performance artistry refinement, and an exploration of the rich tapestry of music theory and history.

Jessica is equipped to guide students in their preparations for VCE music examinations, as well as providing adept tutelage for AMEB exams should students aspire to pursue such accolades.

Furthermore, Jessica's professional journey has seen her contribute as an orchestral coach, sharing her knowledge and nurturing talent within diverse youth orchestras in both Canada and Australia. Her coaching extends to preparing students for pivotal orchestral auditions, participation in prestigious music competitions, and successful pursuit of conservatory or university admission examinations.

Upper Ferntree Gully, VIC


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Details last updated: December 2, 2023