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  • Bachelor of Music with Honours

Jia Xu displayed her musical talent at an early age and began learning piano when she was five and a half years old. She came to Australia in 1998 and studied under world-famous pianist Timothy Young in the Australian Institute of Music to pursue her musical education. After two years of intensive study, in order to perfect her expertise, she moved to the USA to enrich her musical knowledge and comprehension. In the United States, she was recognised by a dean’s list and won a scholarship at Utah State University. Dr. Ralph von der Beek, as Jia’s mentor, provided her with great support and inspiration. With her three-year profound understanding of music gained in the United States, she came back to Australia in 2004 to study under the global prize-winner, Illya Zozulya, in her alma mater – the Australian Institute of Music. Illya Zozulya is a brilliant Ukraine pianist that was selected and taught by the elite Professor Victor Makarov, a student of Regina Horowitz, the sister of the world famous pianist Vladimir Horowitz. Illya’s guidance successfully turned Jia into a young but mature master pianist.

Jia Xu was awarded a Bachelor of Music with honours, majoring in piano performance. After graduating she was invited to teach in Sydney’s Darlinghurst Public School. With her excellent understanding of music and piano, and great love to her students, she devoted herself in this role for 10 years. Currently, Jia has been instructing students in piano for over 16 years. Apart from teaching in public schools, Jia also teaches adults and children in her Strathfield studio on a professional grand piano.

Jia has the enthusiasm to help people from all age groups with their piano learning. Her experience, patience and motivation will undoubtedly be key to students’ success in music.

Churchill Ave
Strathfield, NSW


Details last updated: June 13, 2024