Jo Cenko

  • Accredited Simply Music Teacher; Associate Diploma Music Teaching; Bachelor of Arts (Psychology & Music)
  • BA ; Assoc Dip Mus T

You Learnt The Piano As A Child But You Never Felt Like one of Those 'Natural' Musicians.

You know the ENORMOUS benefits of music education but you're afraid the old fashioned traditional approach may risk your child's sense of musical self worth.

You don't want your child to suffer the humiliation of saying "I'm Sorry I left my music at home, so I can't play anything." You know exactly what that feels like.

You’re looking for something different, an experience, a way to tap into their natural wonder and creativity.

You want them to experience a sense of FREEDOM to play anywhere, anytime without all those boring old scales.
You want them to develop CONFIDENCE in their abilities, in all areas, and to have the absolute BEST opportunities available to them that will see them SUCCEED in any endeavour they pursue.

But most of all you want them to be able to discover their inner most self using the piano as a vehicle for self expression so
they can come to know those invisible pieces of themselves
and CONNECT with their musical soul.

What if they could actually PLAY some great sounding music immediately, from their very first lessons.

Well they can! These are not your usual piano lessons. You’ll be surprised and your child delighted to learn how to play not just 1 but 10 new songs in no time at all and loving it. Who knows you may have a budding artist on your hands.

So if you’re looking for looking for a different way for your child to learn piano in a playful, creative, and educational environment these specifically designed transformative group piano classes may be just right for them.

Rescue your child from the shackles of traditional piano lessons.

Call now to book your "Rapid Results Let's Get Your Child PLAYING The Piano" Introductory Session.

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