You have an EXTREMELY musical child but...

Styles Classical, Contemporary, Blues, Jazz, Accompaniment
Skill Level All
Suitability Ages 4 to 104 years don't want old-fashioned piano lessons to impact their natural sense of wonder and creativity.

You're a really GREAT parent and you are looking for a different experience for your children. You want them to experience the FREEDOM to play without all the 'perfectionist' restrictions.

You know the ENORMOUS benefits of music education but you want your kids to ENJOY it. It's important to you that they get their right and left brain working well together as you know that has such a big impact on other learning.

You don't want to force your child to learn all those boring tedious scales. You don't really even want them to learn to read music straight away. You would just like for them them to be able to play some great sounding music immediately, grow their self-confidence ( I can do it! ) and worry about the formal theory later, once they have developed a relationship with the instrument.

What if they could play 10 songs in no time at all! What if they could impress their family and friends with some rockin' 12 bar blues and a sweet little version of Fur Elise from their very first lessons!

Well they can! ThIs approach gives you what you actually want for your child. They'll be picking up their favourite song in no time and be the life of the party.

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