Joel Trigg

  • BMus (Hons)

Hey there! I'm a professional jazz pianist with a wealth of performance experience and a deep passion for the music and creativity. I love to improvise and compose and am forever navigating my own artistic journey.

I am also passionate about teaching the philosophy and practice of music and would be delighted to help guide you on your own adventure. I take an open-ended approach to teaching informed by years of experience which follows no set lesson structure, instead engaging in an ongoing dialogue with the student and organically exploring the possibilities of music according to their unique personality and desires. At present I am not taking on pianists starting totally from scratch, but if you have some experience with a keyboard and are interested in exploring jazz, blues, classical, pop or improvisation, please feel free to get in touch!

I teach in the afternoons on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and lessons are $80/hour invoiced in blocks of 5 or 10, but we can book in a standalone lesson to begin with.

Wishing you well on your own creative path!

Details last updated: August 15, 2023