Double Bass lessons in Hawthorn

Styles Jazz, blues, folk, irish, improvisation - really anything!
Skill Level Any and all skill levels
Suitability Ages 10 to 99 years
Pricing $60 per hour

Hello there!

My desire is to engage with you into a tutoring relationship that DEFINITELY brings you solid results. Music is not intrinsically all that hard - its just unfamiliar! I am here to be your guide and show you the path, step by step, in a supportive and FUN environment. I can guarantee that if you stick to regular practice of the things we study together, you will see results, and experience a remarkable improvement in your abilities. Tired of that plateau or brick wall? Come get some lessons! Tuition really works :)

I am a past student of the Jazz School in Christchurch, New Zealand, graduating with a Bachelor of Music through the University of Canterbury. After finishing my studies I took up a busy lifestyle of regular gigs with numerous bands around New Zealand, along with tutoring many students. I am now based Melbourne and am seeking new students to pass knowledge and inspiration along to.

I make my lessons as relaxed and enjoyable as possible - I am fully aware of the fact that a healthy relationship between teacher and student is of fundamental importance to the learning process. I aim to calmly assist my students along their path, in an expectation free, reassuring environment, that maximizes the intake of information. I want to know how you learn and what you need from me in order to make our time together as comfortable and effective as possible.

I have a great love for teaching and it feels quite natural to me. So much of it is really about the relationship between teacher/student and keeping a good energy up, which makes the whole thing an enjoyable experience. I aim to pass on my enthusiasm for music to my students, and believe that keeping a good level of positive motivation is an essential part of learning. I aim to keep my students smiling and in a positive state of mind :)

I teach students of all skill levels - totally fine if you are a complete beginner!

Friendly, relaxed, flexible lessons, learning what you want to know:

  • Blues/Funk/Rock/Pop/Jazz styles - I will teach you the ins-and-outs of music you already know and love, and guide you through new musical worlds.

  • Technique - Get your hands working together, fingering and timing exercises, posture advice, and learn about your instrument.

  • Ear training - Chord and scale recognition; learn how to teach yourself music by ear, and hear what is going on in music.

  • Theory - Chord/scale relationships and how to use these for improvisation. Learn about harmonic progressions and what makes music sound good.

  • Musical/rhythmic awareness and general musicianship.

  • Improvisation - Putting all of this together in order to create music, jam with others, and to get an all new freedom with your instrument.

Lessons are always tailored individually, as we a learn differently - some people prefer very relaxed teaching styles, whilst some individuals work well with deadlines and a mentor acting as a whip-cracker (myself included) - so if you are looking for someone to drive you down this path and keep your practice schedule in check, I can definitely fill this role also - just let me know how you learn.

I have been teaching music to an advanced level for over a decade. I have taught students of all ages and with a wide range of musical tastes. I am a multi-instrumentalist, and also teach guitar, keys and drums to an intermediate level, and electronic production with Ableton Live to an advanced level. Please see my other listings on this site for details.

Rates - $60 per hour

Location - Lessons are taken from my studio in Hawthorn.

Availability - Flexible! I encourage most students to arrange weekly lessons so a routine and workflow is established.

Get in touch - and we will get you comfortable on your instrument :)


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Hawthorn, VIC

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Details last updated on November 14, 2018