John Wanner

  • Bachelor of Education - Instrumental Music. Melbourne State College (Melbourne University)

I am a fully qualified woodwind teacher holding a B.Ed. Music degree in Instrumental Music from Melbourne State College (now Melbourne University). I specialize in teaching Classical styles and Jazz styles (up to about 1943 - Swing/Dixie). I have been teaching since 1979 to people of all ages and musical needs.
I do NOT take students wanting to undertake AMEB or other external exams, as I tailor-make my own syllabus/curriculum to suit student needs/requirements.
I also own and run 4 professional bands in Melbourne: The JW Swing Orchestra (16-piece Big Band Swing), The Silver Service Jazz Band (3-7 piece), The JW All-Stars (5-piece) and Kapelle Gr├╝etzi Mitenand (Swiss Folk Band 10-piece) which performed on national television in Switzerland in February 2019.

Details last updated: November 3, 2023