Jolene Moran

  • Masters in Therapeutic Arts Practice (Community Arts & Health)
  • Advanced Diploma Music Performance - Voice
  • 20yrs Stage Experience

Jolene is a registered creative arts therapist, choir leader, vocal coach and performing vocalist. She works with both groups and individuals offering a person centred approach that fosters expression using voice, movement and visual art.

One to one sessions with Jolene practical tools for vocal practice whilst encouraging attention to creative process in order to gain insight into ways of being, how one is in relationship to self and others and how they might reach preferred outcomes. While group sessions can also invite a similar kind of inquiry, the focus is usually more on harmonising, accessing flow states and social connection.

She works with adults of all gender identities, including people wanting to manage everyday stress and people that are living with the effects of post traumatic stress, grief, anxiety and depression. Jolene aims to meet the needs of each participant, creating a safe environment to explore the voice through guided and playful improvisation, technical exercises, singing in harmony and both learning and making up songs.

202 High St
Northcote, VIC


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