Guitar Lessons | Music Theory

Styles Modern, Rock, Acoustic
Skill Level Advanced
Suitability Ages 8 years and up
Pricing $50

Hi guitarists

Plenty of teachers to choose from

Why pick me?

I have 10 years teaching experience where I pass on knowledge gained from the Guitar Institute in London, as well as what I have picked up along the way playing professionally and for fun.

No matter what style you want to learn or excel at, there are fundamentals you need because there is so much overlap in music, what you learn in Metal you can apply in Jazz, what you get from Country you can apply in Classical - it's all down to your observations and curious nature.

If you are stuck on chords (need more!!), or need new rhythms, or wan't to improvise 'better', or maybe you don't know what you need to do next, get in touch.

Choose :
Bundles of 5 lessons ($50/per lesson): You have a set target (i.e. understand modes, learn chord basics, sweep picking, or maybe improvisation).
We work within your ability and understanding so that you have a practical progression, you will feel confident in what you have learned and apply straight away.

Single Lessons ($60/lesson): These can act as a top up, or just as a quick lesson to resolve any questions...

As always, you will have pdf's of any material you need, customised for you.

It is always helpful to bring any music books that you use, a folder, pencil and paper - and of course your enthusiasm and curiosity.

Let's get learning and improving


Burns Street
North Fremantle, WA
0422 105 564
Burns Street
Perth, WA
Also travelling in the local area
0422 105 564

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Details last updated on July 5, 2016