Piano Lessons

Styles Classical
Skill Level Beginner to Grade 8 (or thereabouts)
Suitability Ages 3 to 15 years
Pricing $25 for 30 minutes, $40 for 45 minutes, $55 for 1 hour

Piano playing is a delectable art, truly expressive of the deep thoughts and emotions of both composer and player. (I find intense emotional enjoyment from piano).
Piano playing is also lots of fun and a great stress release. (I also have a down-to-earth side, humorous side).
As a small child, I was always fascinated by the large black and white instrument, and from the moment when my mother taught me the location of 'middle C', I have sought to do it justice by playing the masterpieces of others, and creating my own original compositions.
I have been playing the piano for 13 years, and I intend to pass on this appreciation and experience to others through teaching. There is no doubt in my mind that experience is more valuable than any qualification to which one may attain. That said, I have found that there are certain techniques which make piano playing more effective, and allow the musician to express the music they are playing in the purest and most magnificent manner.
Although accuracy of playing is important and necessary, it comes second to passion of playing. I am a strong advocate of the idea Beethoven propounded:
"To play a wrong note is insignificant, but to play without passion is unforgivable." - Beethoven.
With this perspective in mind, the pianist may play with unbounded freedom and enjoyment. This is what I intend to pass on through piano teaching.
If you are interested in these 30min/45min lessons, please contact me via email (josephcrummer9@gmail.com) and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.
I am available most afternoons on weekdays, and most Saturdays.
Hope to hear from you soon!

140 Millstream Drive
Southern River, WA
Also travelling in the local area
+61 458 545 128
Southern River, WA
Also travelling in the local area

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