Flexible Fingerstyle Guitar

Trying to take your guitar playing to the next level?
Want to bring something different to your guitar playing?

Learning fingerstyle is a great way to make yourself a versatile guitarist. Unfortunately, guitarists often do not fully realise the amazing potential of finger-style. And what’s more, learning fingerstyle can be slow and unrewarding for many–
but this is where training with a proper mentor can make the difference…

With over 10 years of experience as a specialised fingerstyle guitarist, I have learnt to deal with the many obstacles to learning fingerstyle, and implementing it within jazz and pop contexts. Doing this has allowed me to have a dynamic approach to playing guitar as a soloist and with other musicians.

You can have a listen at

With me you can learn to:

• perform guitar and bass-lines at the same time
• develop guitar technique that is efficient and flexible for your needs
• expand your musical ear, and creative abilities
• play jazz/pop guitar in different contexts (solo, duo, band, accompaniment, etc)
• create effective and personalised practice strategies

Your ability to express yourself through the guitar will only go as far as your knowledge and training... so what are you waiting for?

269 Hardey Road
Cloverdale, WA
0401 972 948

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