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  • BA Music

A little bit about myself...

I am a qualified and experienced performer and teacher but most importantly I am very passionate about helping people express themselves through music.

I LOVE my job.

I am available for long term lessons or infrequent 'one off' lessons and teach beginners to advanced.
Most lessons are individual ones for 1 hour or 30 minutes.

Or you may like to have GROUP LESSONS with 4 or 5 other singers for 90 minutes.

Group lessons are a good option for those that want to learn how to sing with others and have a more casual approach to lessons.
Group lessons must be booked in advance for an 5 week term and are $25 per hour.

In 2013 there will be opening for a new choir on a weekday night which will be available to students at a heavily discounted rate and at a cost of $20 for non-private students.

I teach all people as I believe that EVERYONE can benefit from the joy of music. My lessons are very flexible and I work hard to help you achieve your goals.

Currently I teach Monday-Saturday in my studio in Brunswick, Melbourne.

Song crafting
Audition preparation
Song writing
Recording and Performance techniques

And more in my singing studio in Brunswick.

A minute walk from trams 1 and 8 on Lygon St.

Lessons are $70 per hour with discounts for students and when you pay for more than 5 lessons in advance.

Give me a call or email to tell you more about my approach to singing and teaching.
No obligations...

You can see me performing with Grey Ghost and Kisshead!

Juleiaah really is an excellent singing teacher. She accepts you regardless of your level of ability and teaches in a relaxed and friendly manner, while at the same time giving sound advice and instruction. I come away from each lesson improved, strengthened and inspired. And I have enormous fun doing it!

I really never thought that I could sing but I knew that I always loved it. I do lessons as a bit of a stress release after my long days at work. I arrive feeling exhausted and depleted but always leave with a bounce in my step and a song in my head. I simply cannot believe how much I have improved under juleiaah's amazing support.

I am a professional musician and always come to juleiaah to get me into shape before a tour starts or during recording sessions. My musicality has been stretched and my vocal health is much improved! I simply can't recommend a better vocal coach.

Baileyana Street
Frankston South, VIC
Also travelling in the local area


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