Julie Chong

  • BA Communication (UTS)
  • Certificate of Teaching (Syd Consv)
  • Accredited Teacher (Syd Consv)
  • AMusA
  • MMTA

Become a music sponge, train your ear, gain solid music skills and theory base, and learn correct finger technique as you have fun building your playing list with classical and contemporary music, and creative work.

High quality coaching includes the Alexander Technique (ergonomics), to develop good habits (and avoid bad ones such as thumping, flat fingers), whether you are a beginner, advanced or coming back to learn for the second time.

WOLLSTONECRAFT - Plenty of free parking.
8 mins walk from Crows Nest, 8 mins walk from Wollstonecraft station.

0400 888 211


I give educational lessons that are a lot of fun, based on the most effective music learning methods of USA, Europe and Japan piano master teachers. I aim to demystify music through learning keys, chords, reading and writing music, and skilling up on finger technique to develop good habits to assist you to progress with ease.

I have 20 years of teaching experience and have coached students for leisure learning, exams (London College and Australian), school performances, eisteddfods and concerts.


  1. PIANO OR KEYBOARD? Students always learn faster on a traditional, acoustic piano which produces a beautiful singing tone (from wood, strings and felt hammers), and has the tactile pleasure of the key movement. Electric keyboards are OK to learn on for the short term.

  2. When can I start piano?

ADULTS – the oldest beginner I have taught was 74. You can start piano at any age and with a bit of determination, are likely to untap musical potential in this artistic pursuit. Unwind after work and on the weekend with piano.

YOUNG CHILDREN are best starting as 4, 5 or 6 years of age to establish a practice routine before busier years in primary school.

OLDER CHILDREN - primary school and high school: once you get a few pieces you love under your belt, you need to spur yourself on to build piano skills and a playing list. Schedule in 4 to 6 practices a week to make good progress. Some get away with 3 practices.

For all, if you can stick at the piano for about 4 years, the reward is a life skill of playing piano.

0400 888 211

Wollstonecraft, NSW
0400 888 211
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