Theory Tuition

Styles Classical / Contemporary
Skill Level Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

M.Mus.St., P.Grad.Dip.Ed., B.Mus., L.Mus.A., LTCL, A.Mus.A. (Dist.), A.K.C: E.C. (L1), Cert. III Ch. Serv.

Theory tuition is invaluable in the creation of a holistically-trained musician, where both practical and theoretical components are required. The study of music is analogous to gaining a driver's licence (where the state produces a holistically-trained driver) - both practical and theoretical components are required.

Theory tuition is offered in the following two ways:

  1. Independent of (not supplementary to) piano tuition.
  2. Complementary to piano tuition, proficiency acquired: (1) informally in relation to studied repertoire; (2) formally via set pedagogy / methodology.

Tuition for examinations accessible.

If the acquirement of an AMEB practical certificate is impeded due to the lack of a prerequisite theory certificate (and its attainment is required in a rapid time frame), I’m able to assist by fast-tracking through the pedagogy via methodology I’ve devised in a streamlined, logical manner.

One-on-one lessons are available throughout the week and can include day, afternoon or early evening slots.

Along with being a Music Teacher Online, I’m also a 'Professional' Member of the Queensland Music Teachers’ Association.

Red Hill, QLD
0439 663 768

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Details last updated on January 18, 2020