Justin Whyte

  • Bachelor of music Performance Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) Melbourne University

Basically, I teach inside the box and outside the box resulting from of my own musical journey which continues to be a source of inspiration, connection, fulfilment and above all fun, that still manages to produce surprises of a magical nature when you least expect it.

They say you should teach what you know, you learn what you love, and a good teacher will make it simple. These are some of the principals I try to adhere to. If there is a “love” for the end result, it tends to pull us through even the most arduous of tasks where time stands still and one has an unlimited energy supply. Above all, at some stage in proceedings it has to be fun. Otherwise, what’s the point.

After nearly twenty years teaching experience and a strong pedigree of excellent AMEB results I now have students of all ages and levels exploring a range of individual musical pursuits covering classical, jazz, improvisation, electronica, singing, composition and songwriting.
For those starting out I usually put them on a diet of classical with a focus on expression, rhythm and sentiment and from the beginning encourage them to improvise, learn other repertoire or write their own, which with the use of technology over the years has produced some amazing results.

I studied classical piano with renowned performer, teacher and examiner from the Melbourne Conservatorium (Melbourne University) Miss May Clifford and then went on to complete a bachelor’s degree in jazz performance at the Victorian College of the Arts (Melbourne University) where I studied with Micky Tucker (USA) and Barney Mc Call (Aus).

Elwood, VIC
0403 769 309


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