Styles All
Skill Level Beginner, Intermediate
Suitability Ages 5 years and up
Pricing $40/half hour - $70/hour

Fun and educational ukulele lessons; get strumming right away.
Stimulating for kids and rewarding for adults, the happy island sound of the ukulele is a great way to discover endless musical possibilities!

NOTE FOR PARENTS: not sure whether to pick guitar or ukulele lessons for your little one? Here's my opinion from experience:
If they can't yet lift a full 2L milk and pour their own glass, pick ukulele.
Why? Even in three quarter or half-size models, the bulk of a guitar make it a daunting prospect. It takes gross motor control to carry it without banging into walls and fine motor control to wrangle its six strings.
Ukulele by comparison has only four strings to keep track of and is small and light enough for even tiny humans to carry. Kids are all about the path of least resistance and that means they're much more likely to keep sustained interest in ukulele lessons rather than guitar at a young age.
Even better - if they want to switch to guitar as they get bigger, their skills will transfer across well!
All of that is why I see ukulele as the smarter choice for early childhood music lessons.

Perth, WA
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Details last updated on February 5, 2019