Kara Mitchell

Since 2008, Kara Mitchell has taught children aged 6 to teens safe singing techniques, performance skills and building up a song repertoire in many genres.

Kara is mentored and trained by Gail Beaman, a Professional Singer for 30 years and Qualified Singing Teacher for almost 20 years

It is only natural Kara pursued her interests in teaching singing as she was born into a musical family – singers, dancers and musicians. She enjoys singing in a band and developing her guitar skills. Her love of children extends also to working as an Education Teachers Aide supporting children with special needs.

Kara is an experienced vocalist and dancer and the highlight of her career was three performances in Disneyland California and the enjoyable experience in the modelling/TV industry.

Kara has obtained her Certificate 3 in Music Business, worked in Marketing for a radio station and as a Licensed Agent for a Music Entertainment Booking Agency.

Kara's passion is teaching young children in a very fun environment, just how freely to sing without fear while ensuring there are correct vocal habits being formed early. Its a great opportunity to open their eyes to the music world, music's ability to heal, bring happiness and positive self confidence for life skills and experiences.

North Avoca Singing Studio
4 Lake Shore Drive
North Avoca, NSW
(02) 4384 6648 or 0402 148 807


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