Karsten Little

My teaching philosophy is infused with a desire to empower, encourage, and enlighten both my students and the immediate community to enjoy the essence of music.

Lessons are also strongly based on whole body learning which combines both the Orff Schulwerk and Kodály teaching approach with my own teaching style to include play, sing, improvisation, and creativity among other movements. What matters most to me is to be able to tailor each learning experience to match individual needs and expectations through personalised solutions so that students may attain independence in their musical journeys. It is all about identifying each student’s specific requirements and character to facilitate an all-rounded artist through the elements of patience, perseverance and discipline. As students maximise their musical potential, so does the bonding aspect of music kick in to foster healthy relationships with others even as the positive influence flows over to other areas in their respective lives.

-13 years of teaching experience
-Master of Early Childhood Education
-Bachelor of Music Education
-LTCL Piano Performance Diploma with High Distinction
-Orff Schulwerk Level 2
-Kodály Primary Level 1

Details last updated: February 14, 2024