Singing in St Ives

Styles Beginner to advanced contemporary singing: pop, rock, musical theater, alternative rock, folk, progressive rock, jazz. Beginner piano. Beginner to advanced music theory.
Skill Level Beginner to Advanced
Suitability Ages 6 to 65 years
Pricing $60 per/hr, $40 per half/hr


If you're interested in learning a new skill, are a serious musician wanting to improve for your career, a choir or band student wanting to hone your instrument, a loving partner wanting to surprise sing to your fiancé at your wedding or a casual karaoke-ist keen on winning your local competition, whatever the reason, feel free to get in touch. We can have a chat and organise a free trial lesson.

I teach contemporary singing from a beginner to advanced level, music theory from a beginner to advanced level as well as beginner piano. Here's a few things you will learn from me in private lessons:

  • How to breathe correctly and use your diaphragm to support your voice

  • How to sing in your chest voice, head voice and blend

  • Where to place your voices

  • How to sing on pitch, expand your range and become vocally flexible

  • Microphone technique and stage presence

  • Music theory such as key and time signatures, intervals recognition, chord recognition, scale recognition, reading music, harmonising, composition, songwriting and music appreciation

  • Piano techniques such as correct hand positioning and finger technique, correct sitting position, how to use the sustain pedal, note reading, sight reading as well as everything in the previous point

I have taught students as young as six up to 65 and have guided many high school students through the HSC, Music I and II. I have helped many young adults and adults through different universities such as Sydney Uni, AIM and JMC Academy. I have also taken students through AMEB exams and Trinity exams. This is my sixth year of teaching, I started teaching as soon as I finished uni and have had a lot of real-world music experience. I’ve experienced session singing, being a part of a variety of original bands, played loads of gigs, recorded, toured, performed cover songs in restaurants, cafes, bars, at end of year work parties or functions and sung in at least a dozen weddings. I am currently a part of an original band as well as a cover duo.

First trial lesson is FREE. Prices after are $60 per/hr and $40 per/half hr.

For younger students in particular I do house call lessons:

Within 3km - no travel charge.

3km to 5 km - $10 travel charge per lesson.

5km or more - $15 minimum travel charge per lesson (price will depend on distance).

Private lessons are intended to be one on one. Any extra students in a lesson are an additional $10 per head. For school students’ lessons will follow the NSW school terms. I am also available for Skype lessons.

Business operating days and times:

Mondays - 1pm to 9pm.

Tuesdays - 1pm to 9pm.

Wednesdays - 1pm to 9pm.

Many thanks,

Kat Dimitriadis

St Ives Chase, NSW

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Details last updated on June 17, 2019