Katherine Maksymova

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I’ve been involved in music my entire life, singing in school choir, studying percussion at Glier Kyiv Institute of Music, playing in all-female rockabilly band Rockland Ladies and writing songs for various solo projects. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in voice performance and music education from Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, and have over 10 years’ experience teaching voice to more than 200 students to date.

My voice teaching method has long been successfully used in the Solomriya Art School which I founded in 2011. This method combines professional voice training and personal development techniques used to remove all kinds of physio-psychological barriers which often prevent students from achieving their potential. This approach helps my voice students achieve their goals faster and get more stable results. For example, it takes me only about a year and a half to prepare a person with zero singing experience for semi-professional stage performance.
In addition to one-on-one vocal lessons I also offer group lessons and workshops for amateur singers and artists as well as professional development courses for voice instructors. I make appearances on TV, judge singing competitions and provide consulting services to those looking to improve their vocal or singing techniques.

Among my students are dozens of professional artists, contestants and winners of international vocal competitions. We took part in The X-Factor Ukraine (several students successfully passed judges’ auditions and performed at “bootcamp”), popular TV show Honey, We’re Killing the Kids in which I gave voice lessons to adult and teen participants, The Voice (Ukraine), and Junior Eurovision. I have also worked with many beginner vocalists who have since mastered the art of singing.

As a singer-songwriter with two recorded albums, I also offer professional consultation in the recording studio to help artists make the most of their studio time and get the best possible takes for their records.

Currently I teach voice online to students of all ages and skill levels from all around the world.

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