Kathleen Edgar

  • BA(Mus)

Hi there
I had a curiosity for violins after finding violins sitting on a table in our lounge room, after I’d been playing piano for two years. I was 9 years old, loved ballet and classical music, and my father had decided to recommence violin lessons. My fascination for the violin was due to the sound of a note being sustained and accentuated with expressions e.g. vibrato - something that couldn’t be achieved on a piano.

I was fortunate to find a Danish teacher who challenged me and brought my playing to a high enough standard by age 14 to be accepted into a summer music school.

I’ve since played in various amateur orchestras around Australia and New Zealand. I have lead orchestras, lead the 2nd violins (my favoured spot because I love harmony), tutored string sectionals, and have occasionally conducted. It was fortunate for me to selected for conducting units at the N.T. University under Mr. Jarvis who has conducted and played with various professional orchestras in England, and Tasmania.

I studied music for seven years during the early days in Darwin when the Darwin Community College offered a diploma, then it became N.T. University and offered a B.A. and one could major in music. The unique situation of the orchestra coming under the umbrella of the university opened a plethora of opportunities: e.g. orchestral tours from Darwin and ending at Alice Springs and Groote Eylandt; Internatonal Guitar Festivals; Major sponsorships from airlines, etc.

Kelvin Grove, QLD
Travelling in the local area
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