Fife Lessons

Suitability Ages 5 to 9 years

Experience has shown that young students starting the flute, can become frustrated with the time taken to create a good sound. To help address this, we offer fife lessons for those who are keen to the learn the flute but would like to start at an earlier age. The Fife, whilst being a popular instrument in its own right can also be used as a ‘training flute’ and will allow students to get the sound production and basic fingering patterns quickly mastered prior to commencing on the full sized flute. Through our fife program, children learn the correct flute posture, hand-position and blowing technique on the smaller plastic fife. Basic music theory, note-reading and rhythm are also taught in the fife lessons. We are able to supply inexpensive plastic Yamaha fifes and many parents find this a great way to test their child's aptitude for the flute without the initial expense of full sized metal flute. We offer fife lessons for students aged 5 and above, and we have found that many of our fife students tend to progress much faster that students beginning directly on flute. There is also a great sense of accomplishment when our young fife students transition onto flute and realise they can automatically play all of their fife pieces in their first "real" flute lesson.

88 Prospect Rd
Summer Hill, NSW

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Details last updated: October 27, 2012