Ken Pang Piano Lessons & Coaching

  • Master of Music Monash University
  • Certified NLP Practitioner & Life Coach

I am an experienced, passionate and responsible piano teacher and coach, my mission to share my love of music to inspire students into a life-time of music enjoyment.
I truly believe learning and practising piano is one of the best challenges for the mind which could help children practice their focus of attention, the most valuable asset in this age so full of digital distractions. To children of this time, learning and practising piano might not sound as fun as playing video games, it seems that their attention span is undergoing an insidious decline. So I strive to blend my lessons with fun and game-like elements that makes learning just as enjoyable and rewarding.
I am a mature person who come to see myself as a role-model for students, their mentor. I believe learning is never-ending and value my piano practice as part of my own spiritual practice.
I also offer separate coaching sessions for adult clients wishing to make progress in life and help with goal setting, motivation, identifying limiting beliefs and letting go of blockages.

Equipment: - Kawai CA-40 Grand Piano

Work with children checked
Live Online Lessons Available via Facetime/Skype during CORVID-19 Outbreak

                 Please call 0451 707 035
2/2 Roger Street
Doncaster East, VIC
Also travelling in the local area
0451 707 035


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