Ken Rawlinson

  • Bachelor of Psychology with Honours
  • 30 years playing and teaching experience

It's called playing (not work) for a reason!

Have you dreamed of playing guitar but thought it was too difficult to learn? Watched others play and wondered why it seems so easy for them and thought they must be naturals? And yet the desire still burns within you waiting to be freed from the cage that holds it captive?

Well there is good news for you: the key to the cage has been found! Lots of people teach guitar but few really understand how the brain learns new information. Learn from a Psychology Graduate with 30+ years guitar playing and teaching experience that understands learning systems.

Begin today with the Wizard's painless learning system - using advanced teaching technologies that make learning to play guitar fun, fast, easy & enjoyable! You can be playing and singing songs in a surprisingly short time! Act now! Grab a guitar and join in the fun :)

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Caloundra, QLD

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