Kevin Moore

  • 40+ years of learning
  • gigging
  • recording and being a guitar nerd

If you're looking to have fun unlocking the secrets of the fret-board to innovate and improvise. I can inspire, influence and teach you the techniques, building blocks and underlying theories necessary.

The one pre-requisite is that you have a solid sense of timing and can consistently hold up a solid rhythm on your own.

I can teach both acoustic and electric. I take a building block approach that generally takes 6 months to complete.

You'll develop a sense for complimenting chord and melody passages with all the possible inversions and harmonies. This becomes the framework for improvising and being creative. This is where the fascination and excitement happens.

You'll be encouraged to take risk, improvise and we'll work together to refine the approach with new techniques as the building blocks are introduced.

We'll dissect the patterns, progressions and styles for Blues, Rock, Metal, Country, Blue Grass, Folk, Funk and others.

Killara, NSW
Travelling in the local area
0448 450 722 or (02) 9880 7383


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