Kids Creative Piano Lessons

At Mad Hatter Music, we teach small group piano classes, with an emphasis on independent learning and having fun.

Our classes give your child a chance to step away from video games in the afternoons and start engaging in creative activities that boost their confidence and develop their independence. They'll love making music with like-minded friends and having the chance to unwind after a busy day of school.

We encourage our students to feel confident in themselves and learn piano in a supportive environment with a teacher and peers who care about them.

There are 3 programs:


Kids aged 7-11 can expect a lot of creative activities, group ensemble playing and the chance to work independently on music they personally enjoy as well.

We value their growing independence and believe the motivation from learning with like-minded peers will do wonders for their piano playing skills and their confidence in general as they mature.


Kids aged 5-7 will enjoy lessons full of imagination, singing, dancing and group activities as they explore what it's like to learn piano for the very first time. Starting lessons off on the right foot will set them up to love music for life!


Kids aged 3-5 are itching to explore and satisfy their curiosity about ... well, everything! Our lessons are filled with short bursts of activities all designed towards a common goal of introducing them to music in the most fun, vibrant way possible.

Maybe your children have tried group piano before, or maybe they're brand new to the format. Either way, we’re confident you’ve never experienced piano lessons like we do them!


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Locations: Alex Hills & Underwood

12 Heffernan Rd
Alexandra Hills, QLD
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Camelot Park, Camelot St
Underwood, QLD
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