Kiera Smith

Kiera is an Australian singer/songwriter/guitarist who is fulfilling her dreams as a traveling musician, making music and telling her stories through her songs both in Australia and Internationally.

Kiera was born into a musical family with mother Gail Smith a country music singer in her own right. Naturally Kiera started her musical career at the tender age of 3. Growing up Kiera and her family would travel around country Victoria, NSW and South Australia to perform at country music festivals most weekends, therefore spent most of her childhood on the road.

At the age of 20, Kiera embarked on her acoustic solo career, on the road every week playing in pubs and clubs in rural areas such as Broken Hill, York Peninsula, country Victoria and South Australia. Kiera then became drawn to the city life, during this time she has played locally around pubs and clubs in Adelaide every weekend and is now making her name around both metro and rural areas.

Kiera's debut EP Forever Roam was released in February of 2017, where she toured LA and San Diego. Forever Roam is a clear indication of Kiera's storytelling style of performance. She will continue to grow as a performer and grace the audiences with her vibrant and honest delivery.
Kiera was a nominee in the 2017 South Australian Music awards

Kiera's new single "Speak up" is set to be released in 2018 where she has dedicated her time to raising awareness for Domestic Violence and hoping to raise funds for the Zahra foundation.

Warubi Place
Fairview Park, SA
0400 076 061 or 0400 076 061


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