Pre-School Aged 3+

Styles All
Skill Level All
Suitability Ages 3 years and up
Pricing $40 per half hour, €80 per hour (when booking 10 lessons in advance)

Music Tutor Please was originally established in London and specialises in teaching the piano to children from the age of 3-years-old. On their own violin or on a baby grand piano, your child will be taught the skills required to become a professional.

In a vibrant learning environment, the correct technique and music theory are taught from the very beginning. Teaching music theory alongside the piano enables effective learning as the theory is relevant to the pieces that are being taught. With sticker work, colourful illustrations and various games, your child will quickly gain knowledge without realising they are being educated.

Modern technology including backing tracks engage the younger pupil and makes practising an enjoyable experience. Skills such as reading notation, learning note values and how to perform in time allows your child to become an independent learner. This extends their education so they are not limited to the pieces they are practising in their lessons. Instead, they will be able to develop their own repertoire within their current ability.

Watch your child grow in confidence as they learn skills that are not only essential in music but in all areas of learning:

Co-ordination - Listening Ability - Concentration - Confidence - Self-expression - Memory - Creativity - Improvisation - Independent Learning - Social and Interaction -
Reading and Comprehension

All children can benefit from the gifted and talented to children with behavioural issues. Learning an instrument benefits children with special learning needs as it helps to stimulate speech development and cognitive and motor skills. In a relaxed, safe and enjoyable environment, children are able to develop their confidence and socialisation skills.

Music Tutor Please provides far more than a musical experience; we provide a musical education.

The piano is excellent for children to have as their first instrument. It develops pitch awareness that is essential to perform and sing in time.

The violin requires co-ordination and a musical ear to create a beautiful tone.

Nandi Avenue
Frenchs Forest, NSW
0417 741 857

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Details last updated on February 3, 2016