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Kindermusik With Shelley

General Details

During Kindermusik With Shelley classes your child will sing and learn rhymes, poems and echo songs. They will move with scarves, hoops and learn routine dances. Listen to a variety of music and move like dinosaurs, butterflies and birds learning to move their bodies in space. 
Your child will explore an assortment of instruments together in groups, one-on-one and individually. Tapping high, low, fast and slow. Learning to understand a steady beat while enjoying shakers, beaters, drums, balls, and many more exciting instruments. 
Classes are 45 minutes with familiar routines with our Hello, Goodbyes and “Pack away” songs. All classes are age appropriate preparing your child for pre-kindy and kindy formal learning.
Free preview classes are available where you will sing, dance and giggle to a range of music and a variety of musical instruments.

These details were last updated on June 18, 2017