Piano Lessons

Group Size Individual Tuition
Styles Jazz, contemporary, pop
Skill Level Beginner-Intermediate
Suitability Ages 6 to 60 years
Pricing $30 p/30min lesson, $55 p/hour lesson

Lachlan believes music is fundamentally an aural tradition and that many systems of education rely far too heavily on written music as a teaching aid. Placing sheet music in front of a student creates an extra step in which the brain must first read the music, synthesise it and then tell the hands what to do. While this approach allows students to progress to more complex music more quickly, it creates fundamental and irreversible blocks to the musicality of the student.

In Lachlan’s lesson he focuses on removing this step completely and instead substitutes it with extensive listening exercises that aim to train the ear. He believes that music should be fun, that it is a discipline that will improve all aspects of the creative individual.

41 Derby Street
Kensington, VIC
0413 280 461

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Details last updated on February 6, 2019