Bass guitar, double bass, basic guitar and rhythm section tuition

Styles Jazz (various), latin, pop (various), rudimentary classical
Skill Level Beginner, Intermediate
Suitability Ages 7 years and up
Pricing $80 p.h. (per student) neg.

I have being playing bass guitar since 1994 and double bass from 2005, primarily in pop and jazz styles but I also have experience in various classical genres. As indicated I am also able to play and teach basic guitar if required.

I am a former member of the Navy band (17 years) and as such I'm competent across various musical contexts and have some experience in one on one tutoring from the Navy band's many activities with schools, and my earlier tuition experience when I was at university.

In teaching bass I like to focus on simple fundamentals that allow for the easier learning and performance of music, when applied in the context of a practical practice regime. There are many simple details that can lead to greater success and therefore enjoyment by students that a non-bassist would not perhaps be aware of. Further the role of the bass as an instrument can help students develop an understanding of how to approach the instrument in various performance contexts.

Finally, it is worth adding that I am currently studying to be a classroom teacher via ACU, and as such already have a valid WWCC.

Chatswood West, NSW
Also travelling in the local area
0438 602 114

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Details last updated on February 21, 2018