Laura Thomson

  • Graduate of the Australian National Academy of Music
  • Winner of PACANZ New Zealand Young Performer of the Year
  • Bachelor of Music (in Performance Violin)
  • NZ Civic Award Recipient for Service to the Community through Music

Hi, I'm Laura - an upper strings teacher and performer based in Toowong, Queensland. Please consider enquiring about my availability and setting up a complimentary trial lesson with me.

I consider my role as a strings teacher to be multi-faceted. A balance between unlocking the creative potential in each of my students coupled with mastering the fine craft of classical style string playing through discipline, knowledge, body efficiency & awareness. Positive growth mindset and strategic practice methods help students to seek effective ways to problem solve and continually work towards autonomy. I've taught strings for over 15 years and I'm passionate about guiding students in tangible ways to help them achieve their musical goals. I have the pleasure of witnessing the boost in self confidence and empowerment that stems from being able to express oneself from the heart, its priceless!

My style of teaching is dynamic & engaging, informed from many years of tertiary and post-graduate study in Australia and abroad. Most importantly my style of teaching achieves prompt and lasting results through enjoyable lessons that work at a comfortable, steady pace. Students can work towards exams or performance goals with my guidance.

Music has been my dream since a young age and performing has taken me all over the world; relocating from NZ to Australia and tours throughout Europe & Asia. I have performed in renowned international concert halls, music festivals, at private events for prime ministers and dignitaries, alongside living legends, performing live on classical radio and tv, I have won national awards for both my performing skills and through my commitment to community service. I have taught students
who have gone on to teriary music study themselves and pursue a music career.

I know first hand that anything is possible if you can dream big, work smart and foster unique talents.

Maryvale St, Toowong
Toowong, Brisbane, QLD


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