Liam Blake - Guitar Lessons

  • Bachelor of Contemporary Music
  • Diploma of Contemporary Music
  • Certificate !V of Contemporary Music
  • Blue Card
  • 10+ Years Guitar Tutoring Experience
  • APRA Accredited


Styles: Rock, Metal, Funk, Blues, Folk, Modern / Contemporary, Classical, Fingerpicking

Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced.

Pricing (inclusive of fuel / travel fee):

30 min. - $40

45 min. - $50

60 min. - $60

Have you wanted to learn how to play the guitar, but have been too confused by the theory or chord shapes to play the songs you aspire to? Liam's guitar lessons can help you achieve your musical dreams!

A bit about Liam:

Despite exploring new, unconventional guitar methods, Liam also tutors more traditional techniques such as how to read guitar tablature, the musical stave, chord charts, rhythm notation, how to tune by ear, general guitar maintenance (like how to change your strings), and more.

Liam has been playing guitar and performing for over 20 years, has a Bachelor of Contemporary Music, a Blue Card, and has tutored for the past 13 years through various schools and music institutions, as well as privately. He plays a variety of steel-string acoustic guitars, as well as an electric guitar with the use of amplifiers and FX pedals. Liam applies unusual techniques to his own compositions such as two handed tapping, thumping harmonics, neck bending, and alternate tunings to name a few. During the last 20 years of playing, composing, and performing, Liam's pursued his own educational endeavours; and has attained a Certificate IV in Contemporary Music, a Diploma of Contemporary Music, and most recently a Bachelor of Contemporary Music. Liam prefers to work with his students to find music that they enjoy listening to and learning about, which in turn creates more motivation and a thirst for knowledge. He teaches both younger students, and older students / the young at heart.

Liam plays and composes for the originals band he co-created, “Cloud Ladder”, and another side project known as "A Mobius Knot". To hear their music, you can do so by going to the web addresses below:

To read up on the cognitive benefits of music (why it’s great for your brain!), you can do so by going to the following web address:

Toowong, QLD
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Details last updated on January 27, 2021