Liam Murphy

  • BA
  • DipMus (Prac)

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When you learn online with me, you can expect a smooth and convenient experience. I use high-end streaming software, cameras, and microphones to deliver good-looking and good-sounding digital learning sessions.

I carefully use screen-sharing and music-notation software to explain music theory and can direct students to my own YouTube videos for reference demos of any technical topic.

In all my years as a teacher, I’ve never come across a better system that drives students' musical and technical development faster than this!

Now, how do people learn clarinet online?

It might seem daunting, but trust me, it's a simple process! It's EASIER than enrolling at your local brick-and-mortar music school.

Here are the steps:

  1. fill in this expression of interest form:

  1. we'll schedule a meeting (I'll send a Google Meet link to you)

  2. if you're happy to proceed, fill in this enrolment form:



  1. I'll send you an invoice reflecting your exact needs; see this page for fees:

That's it!

Now, and less importantly, here’s a little bit about me!

I completed a BA and DipMus at the University of Melbourne (2013) and have maintained a private teaching studio since 2011.

As a musician/performer, I am a casual clarinettist with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Cemal Reşit Rey Konser Salonu (Istanbul), a former clarinettist with the Royal Australian Air Force Band and a founding member of Isolation Chamber, Crosswinds Ensemble, and the AXES Quartet.

Before becoming a full-time teacher, I worked in retail, archaeology (Bar Ilan University), grammar tutoring, and personal training.

Nowadays, I travel the world, with my wife and three kids, teaching clarinet online as my full-time job :)

Liam Murphy

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