Liam O'Leary

  • Bachelor of Music Arts - UTAS

Coburg Nth Drum Tuition

Are you a mature aged professional looking to reduce tension, anxiety and stress levels? Perhaps it’s time to learn the drums.
Coburg Nth Drum Tuition is like heading to your favourite share house, which just so happens to have a well-versed and experienced drum teacher living there. Lessons are catered for exactly your needs.

According to ‘Project Resiliency’, research indicates that drumming accelerates physical healing and boosts the immune system. According to me, that sounds pretty good.
Specific studies conducted by professionals in the fields of music therapy and mental health show us that drumming:

• Reduces tension, anxiety and stress
• Increases likely hood of finding a loved one
• Helps control chronic pain
• Improves ability to count to 4
• Releases negative feelings, blockages and emotional trauma
• Lessens the amount of space in your house

What to expect at Coburg Nth Drum Tuition (and other potential outcomes):
• A glass of red on arrival
• A newfound guru (I’m also a yoga teacher)
• Party and stick tricks
• Desk tapping skills
• Ability to showoff amongst friends and general public


Matt from New Zealand – “Life’s never been better”

64 Newlands Road
Coburg North, VIC
Also travelling in the local area


Details last updated: February 3, 2023