Lilo Blyton

  • Accredited The O'Connor Method-A New American School of String Playing.

I have been playing music all my life- instruments since 3 years of age and violin since age 14 . I am a performer in fiddle mixed genres and have been gigging for more than 40 years. A fixture in the Australian folk scene and as a peripatetic fiddle teacher the last 10 years, I have been enjoying spreading the love of string playing recently and taking students through AMEB exam grades with excellent results.
Recently I discovered one of my violin heros,Mark O'Connor,had put together a new teaching method for strings.In July 2015 I went to America to become an accredited teacher , achieving fundamental training in Books I&II.
In 2016 I returned to America to complete intermediate/advanced teacher training in books III/IV with Mark O'Connor at NYC O'Connor Method camp.
I am truly inspired by The O'Connor Method and excited to be involved in the pioneering stage of helping bring it to Australia.
I teach violin,viola and cello and these are also incorporated with the orchestra books to match.
Call me for more info and an introductory free ( when further lessons booked) lesson to O'Connor Method .

Redfern, NSW
Travelling in the local area
0417 579 871
The Mcdonald College
17 George St
North Strathfield, NSW
0417 579 871


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